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Laser For Foot Warts

Laser wart removal is the only true ablative procedure performed at Foxhall Podiatry. Ablative means that the tissues are destroyed intentionally with the laser. Laser wart removal is very effective. The target is hemoglobin and the dermal cells infected with the virus. The laser is used to cauterize the capillaries (small blood vessels) feeding the virus infected dermal cells and destroy the cells infected with the virus. Virus infected cells require more energy than normal dermal cells because the virus increases their growth rate.

Laser wart removal treatment is fast and straight forward. Any thickened tissue on the surface of the wart is removed with debridement, and the area is cleaned. Proper debridement requires as much thickened tissue be removed as possible. People with extremely painful warts may need a local anesthetic for this procedure. Once the area has been prepared, the laser is used to heat the wart. The actually increased energy to the wart is much like a bee sting to most of our patients.